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Apr. 2nd, 2009

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Working on a cover

Hi everyone,
I'm currently working the cover for the magazine (since I couldn't make a documentary) and I'm desperately searching for something to put in it. Ideally, I would love to find some picture of something that really shows that the magazine is about fans but it's hard to find something that needs to be in a 2480x3508 resolution (aproximately). If anyone has any ideas, feel free to email me or comment here :)

Other than that, I'm experiencing some information problem about The History of Fandom. There's no one I can talk to and virtually no literature which I can borrow from the library. Sigh. I'll try to work around that somehow.

Other than that, the due date is slowly approaching. I'm sort of... not as pleased with the result as I could be, but at least there will be a result, which might be fun. I'm thinking that I'll put it out there as a pdf if anyone of you would be interested in seeing it :D

You rock! :D

Jan. 15th, 2009

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Any bullying by fans?

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year everyone :D

I'm doing a magazine now (where I'm pretending to be different article writers who say different things about the term 'fans') and I'm working on an article and I was wondering if anyone of you might know the following:

Can you think of an example where, for example, a new girlfriend to a celebrity has been harrassed by the celebrity's fans? I think I remember some celeb cancelling his affiliation with a fansite because hateful remarks was being made towards his girlfriend, but I can't remember who, and I'm looking for (perhaps) a more... "worse" form of bullying? In this article I'm writing, I'm supposed to be someone opposed to fans (and in the next I shall be someone who likes fans)

Nov. 25th, 2008

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There may be hope!

After a talk with my mentor this project thing might just happen, but in a more... written form.

Stay tuned :D

Nov. 24th, 2008

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Project on hiatus

I'm so sorry folks, but you know how it is when life just seems determined to fuck you over (sorry for the language)? I'm having one of those moments. Life has turned craaaazy and for me to even finish this course that I'm taking I need to do something else (says she in the middle of the course *eeek!*) that requires less time because.... long story short: my teachers can't plan to save their lives. I think I'm taking about 12-13 courses this year, so you can imagine the workload.

I'll probably continue on this sometime in the future but right now I am in a desperate need of a break. I hope you understand :) And you know what they say about the person who waits for something good..... (and for those who aren't familiar with the expression - it's a Swedish expression that says that someone who waits for something good never waits too long because it's always worth the wait).

I'm really bummed, I was really psyched, but you know how it is...

Oct. 2nd, 2008

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A little bit of stress and doubt but I'm sure it'll pass

This project is quite an eye-opener. I've finally realized my limitations. And right now, they are the 220 pages (at least) of information in Times New Roman (size 10) with as little blanks as possible, that I have to go through in order to even think about a script.

Quite frankly it's stressing me out. So many pages to go through and I really want to make this documentary good for you and I'd hate to drop it, even if I feel inclined to do it sometimes and instead write a short story. But I won't. I think this would be a really great thing, if I just worked around it a little. Made the documentary perhaps not so... ambitious. I'm still going to strive for excellence as far as I'm capable, of course, but maybe instead of filming some interviews and trying to cut it and subtitle it and so forth, I can just sort of do a... demonstration of what the survey gave me and then sort of analyse the reason why people join fandoms etc. and work that way. It might sound like a major adjustment, but it's really not. I'm just trying to find a way to easen the workload a little and booking an interview and then another for filming it ('cause there really needs to be two) is really stressful so instead of having to worry about that, I'll just contact someone, hear what they have to say and use it as material for the script. At least in my opinion, that's easier.

Anyway, I hope you're still excited about the project and that you'll check it out once it's done :D

Sep. 13th, 2008

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It's pretty incredible..

To be honest, I've sort of been on the lazy side for a week or so with the project (mainly because school is taking me over - 400 pages to next week and we got the assignment a few days ago - in just one subject) and I've sort of seen you all email me and i've sort of let the emails lie there until today when I decided to get a grip of things and start working with it again.

And it's pretty incredible because every time I glance through a response and read what you guys have written... I just realize how much fun this project is and how incredible you all are for helping me out. Your responses are a real inspiration to me and it keeps me motivated. I just want to, again, thank all of you for being so kind as to help me out.

I did a summary of what I've done so far and sent it in to my teacher (sadly, I didn't get a mentor that I think will help me in any way so I'm pretty much out here on my own with this project) and I became really stressed the other day. I know what I want to do and how, so that's not a problem. But I want it to turn out really great and do justice to all of your responses.

I promise I'm going to try my best :)

Sep. 4th, 2008

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Day... something

I am quickly realizing that naming all of my entries with some sort of number and day and stuff isn't really working. Anyway, here's just a short update of what I've got going on so far.

So I've been a little well... lazy I guess. I have to mail a bunch of new people that have asked to answer questions. And I have to start selecting the answers I've already received (I'm going to use everyone, it's just some of them I'm going to print). I also have to start looking for more information. Other than that, not so much going on I guess. Just that the reply pages which I've been copying into Word are absolutely nuts, in a lovely way :D

Other than that, things are pretty much the same as the previous entry.

Aug. 30th, 2008

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Day One

This is what I dub as 'Day One' as I'm just diving into some literature that will help deepen my knowledge of the whole fandom thing (even though I shouldn't probably call it a 'thing', since I'm very well aware of what I'm researching and how it all works, being a fandom-fan myself for nearly... oh, six years.) But I'm trying to get some in-depth knowledge of what I'm trying to document. The origin of the whole thing. I went to the library today to borrow two books on the subject; one 'Using the Force' by Will Brooker and one 'Fans' by Swedish Fredrik Strage. The former I have no issues with at all and it seems really interesting, however, it's solely based on the Star Wars fandom, which gives me a good idea how that fandom has lived and breathed, but the second... Oh good lord. First off, it's all about musicians, which doesn't mean it's useless - far from. But what bothers me about it is that the author has chosen incredibly stalker-ish stories about fans who are absolutely crazy (some given a diagnosis, some not). We have one who stalked a musician and his wife for eight years or more, who was battling with a mental disorder and she was paranoid and believed that the artist was sending her coded messages through magazines. Another moved to Sweden to be close to ABBA-Agnetha and actually ended up dating her for a while (although, I haven't read that part yet).

It's not entirely false I guess but taking these extremities bothers me since it sort of makes things more difficult than things are. I'm going to call the university library and ask if I could borrow a book from there. I'm not sure though since I'm not a part of university students, but I hope it'll be okay anyway.

In other documentary related news, I've started to brush on the script a little, making an outline of what I want to address. The questions are more or less done I just have to wait so that my computer has an Internet access (which will probably be around the same time as some of you read this) and then the questions will be given to each of the aproximately 400 wonderful people who decided to give me a helping hand. I am really grateful however, I must admit I'd be happy if people could try to turn them in as soon as possible seeing as I have some work ahead of me. Even though right now when I'm starting on things, things are beginning to look clear. As though it's calm and I don't have to stress that much. At least not yet.

I'm really nervous about this whole documentary thing and while I'm happy that people are excited about this whole thing, I feel as though I won't really live up to what people imagine. I'm going to do my best, that's for sure, but I don't know and don't think you can do that much with a budget that is about zero dollars. And I still have to find out where to get clips of certain things. Like screaming girls at a Beatles concert, etc. since ripped clips from YouTube (at least those I've tried) can't be edited in any of my video editing programs.

Oh well, what are challenges but a way to make us stronger?